Thel has performed in venues that include numerous country clubs, York County Blues and Jazz Festival 2011-2015, restaurants, art shows, etc.. He has have also performed at numerous corporate events, rehearsal dinners, weddings, private parties, and church events. During a typical performance Thel has enough material for four 45 to 50 minutes sets.

Thel Petty performs jazz solo guitar (Style: Improvisation of Classic Jazz Standards). Also provides all related equipment for the performance.

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You Can Always Expect
  • Tasteful and classy entertainment appropriate for all ages and audiences.
  • Choose from a full repertoire of music for your event or reception.
  • You can expect dependability, consistency, ethical conduct, integrity, and the highest professionalism. Interaction with you and your guests will be positive and unforgettable.
  • Jazz is Art - Jazz Guitar is Timeless.

By: Thel Petty
Solo Guitar Medley
By: Thel Petty
Solo Guitar Medley
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Thel fit the bill perfectly.

An art gallery is a sophisticated establishment. It caters to a discerning clientele that expects a high-quality, yet understated environment and presentation. Thel fit the bill perfectly. His smooth style and delivery, coupled with a broad repertoire, gave us the critical component we needed to complete the package. Our events now have the classy feel we were looking for.

Scott B.